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what are butterfly shape sunglasses?

Butterfly sunglasses mean that the lens of the sunglasses looks like a butterfly’s wings. The height of both sides is higher than the middle. It looks like a still butterfly.

Which brand is best for butterfly-style sunglasses?

As we know, butterfly sunglasses were popular for many years. They are very popular among celebrities such as Kate Moss, Paris Hilton, and Rihanna after Prada released their first butterfly sunglasses.

Obviously, there are many fashionable butterfly sunglasses for girls from famous sunglasses brands like Ray-ban, Rimless, Calcutta, Giselle, and Prada.

What is the difference between butterfly and cat-eye sunglasses?

The difference between a cat’s eye and a butterfly is very subtle. As their names suggest, one is in the shape of a cat’s eye and the other is a butterfly’s wing. Some people use the two names interchangeably to describe the same design, but you can spot the difference just by looking at them.