A pair of retro polarized steampunk sunglasses designed with a round frame and side shields can make men or women stylish. When I saw these glasses I immediately thought of the movie The Chronicles of Riddick character Vin Diesel wears a round steampunk sunglasses. What a classic movie character, it is unforgettable

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Retro gothic Steampunk Style Metal Frame Sunglasses

Vintage Sunglasses High Quality UV400 Gafas

Steampunk Shields Lens SunGlasses

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what are the features of sunglasses steampunk?

  • RETRO STEAMPUNK DESIGN: Classic gothic steampunk sunglasses is designed for those people who like to wear vIntage steampunk glasses or clothing and jewellery to make them look different from others, the round sunglasses are perfect for both men and women when they are driving, skiing, fishing, shopping, travelling and so on.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: the diameter of each spectacle lens is 48MM/1.89 inches, the frame width is 138MM/ 5.43 inches, temple length is 145 MM/5.71 inches, and the nose bridge width is 20MM/0.79 inches, the proper size fits most delicate men or women while the metal frame is flexible.
  • UV400 PROTECTION- Lenses block 100% Harmful UVA & UVB Rays. UV 400 indicates an eye protection item that has been optimized to prevent eye exposure to both UVA and UVB radiation. One of the biggest differences between UV 400 protected items as compared to other items that protect against the sun’s radiation is the fact that UV 400 protected items are capable of blocking light rays as small as 400 nanometers.

what steampunk sunglasses brands are best?

There are many famous brands of steampunk sunglasses, such as ray-ban,jacob, finnegan,oakley,ronsou. You can buy the sunglasses on eBay, Amazon, Etsy. of course, their price is expensive. I think you will change your idea when you find our sunglasses. They sale at cheap price. 

Who can buy the cool sunglasses?

We are currently open to users in the United States(US), Canada(CA), the United Kingdom(UK), and Australia. Users in all these regions can purchase our sunglasses.

Customer questions & answers

Hi dear , the lens of the round sunglasses is non polarized, but some are polarized in the 2 pack suit, and our lens are all HIGH HD PC lens, 100% UV400 and UVA UVB rays blocking, the steampunk sunglasses is very famous , and avarage size for both Men and Women

We dont’t recommend that customers replace the lenses by themselves .if need to customize prescription lenses please contact with me freely

Our Originals sunglasses (at the $19.99 price point) do not come with a carrying case, however our Polarized sunglasses (at the $45 price point) do come with a Cloud Case. You can always purchase one of our Ready to Fly! Accessory Packs, which come with a carrying case, lens cloth, and sunglasses strap! Hope that helps you.

Everything will be dark red tint I’m not sure if you see what you need but no blue light at all.

Customer reviews

John Doe
John Doe
Super cute sunglasses for baby!
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Absolutely love these sunglasses for my 3 month old baby, they fit great! I got a ton of compliments and I like that her eyes are protected from the sun. They are so cute, and the straps make them easy to stay on, they didn’t seem to bother my baby and she never tried to take them off. I also love that they are bendy and don’t break or scratch easily. Definitely recommend!
Perfect infant sunglasses
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Great sunglass for my 9 month old baby. They fit perfectly and seem very durable. The strap in the back is a must have for us right now as she isn't a fan of wearing sunglasses. The strap is adjustable and removable.
Great fit
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I was skeptical about buying these because they were kind of pricey but I was wrong. My son has blue eyes and every time we go out in the sun he sneezes. These are so great! They fit perfect on his face the adjustable strap in the back allowed for a snug but comfortable shape. He didn’t try to rip them off, and they fit so snugly that if he tried to pull them down they didn’t go far and weren’t take off and thrown. I would totally buy these again!
I love these glasses
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I love these glasses. Sturdy, flexible, BPA free, UV 400, and so cute! I may get the matching adult pair.
Buy them!!!
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Super cute! & I feel like they really protect her eyes! The strap helps them stay put however it is not full proof. If I don’t offer a distraction right after putting them on she’s pulling them down her face. But if I distract her initially then she doesn’t touch them at all
Protective, secure, and fashionable
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I bought these for my daughter as we are going out more now that the weather is getting warmer. She didn’t like them at first so we had to distract her with a toy when we put them on her. Now she doesn’t mind them and keeps them on until we take them off. They fit great and the strap to keep them on seems very durable and has plenty of growing room. We’ve gotten tons of compliments on them. They are very cute while also being durable but not as easy to break as others I’ve seen. 10/10 recommended and would definitely purchase again!