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How to design a blue green cat eye nail with magnetic polishes

A green cat eye nails design is one of the most popular nail styles in the united states. The cat eye design is done by creating a diagonal line across the nail. It is trendy, elegant, and complex.

blue green cat eye nail with magnetic polishes

The look can be achieved using different polish colors and a magnetic base polish. It can also be done using green nail polish as a base color.

In this article, we will show you how to make a cat eye nail art design with green magnetic gel polish step by step if you are looking for a cat eye nails tutorial

Making cat eye effect nails with green magnetic gel nail polish is fairly easy and requires only several steps.

  • The first step is to choose a green nail polish color that matches your base coat or manicure color.
  • Then, apply the green magnetic nail polishes to your nails and create your desired cat eye design.
  • After that, You can make a really cute design with a simple magnet stick.
  • When you’re done, apply a top coat over your nails to finish the look.

Manicure Tools in this tutorial

  1. UV LED Glitter Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Gel Polish : 

  2. Acrylic Extension Gel

  3. Coffin nail tips: if you do not like the gel, try this nail extension
  4. nail gel removal: if you want to change a color polish, here is a tutorial for you to remove the gel polish

A cat eye look can be created with any green nail polish color as long as it matches your base coat or manicures color or it has no interference colors in it. However, it’s best to use dark green because lighter shades tend to look muddy when applied over white nails.

You can also create vibrant-looking nails by adding red or orange accent dots on your black base nails for extra impact. Apart from that, there aren’t many limitations when creating this unique and trendy nail style!

Therefore, you should definitely give this cool-looking manicure a try if you want to stand out at parties!

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