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A stylish coffin purple nail designs tutorial

A coffin purple nail designs demonstrates great artistic talent as well as precision and patience in portraying shadows on one’s nails using white paint or crystals under different light sources such as candlelight or neon signs.


Given its sophisticated appearance coupled with its easy creation method— this style of art has quickly gained popularity in recent years both online and offline since it appears easy yet impressive at the same time!

coffin shaped nail design is popular

Long coffin nail designs are very popular these days. There are many styles, such as ombre nails, long nails, short nails, and so on.

The long nail trend started in France more than 150 years ago. The main intention of this design is to draw attention to the nail’s shape and length. This is mostly used in manicure techniques.

Many famous women have done this design, including Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. These celebrities have made this style fashionable and modern.

Coffin nails are usually long, ombre, or both. It all depends on the desired effect you want to give off with your manicure.

we have a light purple coffin nail tutorial for you

Different from dark purple nails, Light purple is a beautiful color that can easily become an elegant manicure.

It’s also quite easy to achieve, as you don’t need any special tools to create a light purple manicure.

Apart from the usual manicure tools, you will only need light purple nail polish and some white nail polish for the gradient.

Therefore, light purple is an ideal choice for any occasion as it can be done at home or in a salon with ease.

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