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15 trendy blue nails tutorial in 2022

The blue nails trend is gaining popularity among both natural and non-natural consumers. The blue polish looks especially good on light skin tones, as it accentuates veins and other natural skin tones very well. It is more suitable for non-natural users, as it does not change the original tone of the nail bed.

Many brands offer a variety of enhancement products to help achieve this look.

Consumers can purchase enhancement products at most beauty supply stores, including hard-pressed artificial nail products that offer synthetic and real nail products.

We collected more than 10 blue color nail ideas for you, You also can try the nail tutorials with other colors such as white nail tutorials, red french nail tutorial

  • blue acrylic coffin nail art design

    blue acrylic coffin nail art design
    Blue acrylic nails are different from normal nails in that they are usually smaller in size and are drilled through instead of being cut.

    People often have blue acrylic nails in memory of someone who had shorter than usual nails. Alternatively, people with healthy pinkish-red nail beds sometimes choose blue as their accent color so that their white nail beds stand out more clearly. Blue acrylic nails are usually decorated with small pieces of blue tape or paint that represent the color of the ocean or sky.

    The ocean is a calming and soothing color, which is why this theme works well with blue acrylics. It can also make sense if you have grief issues—blue represents sorrow and grief, so having ocean-themed blue accents on your nails makes sense.

  • sky blue cat eye magnetic long nails

    sky blue cat eye magnetic long nails
    Cat eyes ombre nails have become quite trendy over time— but users prefer the more natural-looking option of sky blue eyes over black alternatives any day! With cat eye magnetic nails becoming such an easy way to achieve this look, women everywhere are quickly making the switch! Nail polish is an inexpensive way to update your usual makeup without sacrificing looks or comfort!

  • dark blue nail designs with diamond

    dark blue nail designs with diamond
    Dark blue nails are a favorite for several reasons. First, it pairs well with gold and silver jewelry. This accent also works well with darker complexions as it adds character to the wearer’s face.

    Some women also choose to have their nails this color to match their hair naturally. This look is very popular amongst women of all ages, since it looks great on anyone from their twenties all the way to their seventies. Wearing dark blue nails is elegant, bold, and sophisticated all at the same time.

  • blue and silver nails

    blue and silver nails
    To achieve different looks for the fingers, you need to follow similar steps but with different colors for the accent colors.

    For example, if you want blue and silver glitter nails then you would use dark blue as your base color and silver as your accent color. To finish off your manicure, use light blue glitter as an accent color for both your nails and eyeshadow palette! These types of glitter manicures look especially good when paired with blues in your outfit such as a shirt or vest sporting a royal blue hue. These types of nail art are perfect for any occasion that calls for a fun mood!

  • blue french tip nails designed with fake diamond

    blue french tip nails designed with fake diamond
    French blue manicures have become very popular in the last few years, especially among women. Known as French manicures, these manicures are characterized by a square or oval faceted nail bed topped with a french tip. The french tip is adorned with beautiful, shiny nail polish. Using different colors and styles of French manicures is common.

  • french royal blue ombre nail

    french royal blue ombre nail
    Ombres are a popular nail art style, especially among celebrities. Ombres are created through a process of two or more colors applied to your nails and then blended together to create a unique color. If you want to achieve a dramatic look, the ombre nail is the way to go.

    The colors can be subtle or bold and can range from light blues to dark purples. To give your nails an ombre effect, you will need to choose a base color and two or more colors that will be applied over it. To create a blue colors ombre nail, for example, you would apply black as the base color and then blue and green as your secondary colors. The blue would be blended with the black so it looks white in some places. The nail art diamond make the ombre nail more stylish.

    Ombres can take some time to apply since you need to blend all of your colors together, but the effect is worth it.

  • magnetic light blue nails art design

    Magnetic nail art is an artistic technique that uses magnets and blue nail polish to create intricate designs on the nail. The artwork can be complex and beautiful, but it can also be difficult to create. The process starts with choosing a design and then transferring it onto the nails using magnets.

    People have experimented with this technique for decades, but the craft is still evolving today. Many tricks and techniques exist, and some artists have become famous for their magnetic nails. Taking this into consideration, it’s difficult to generalize about this craft. However, there are some common ideas about how magnetic nails are created.

  • matte baby blue cat eye nail

    matte baby blue cat eye nail
    Cat eye manicures are in right now. Whether you’re giving your nails a trendy makeover or just want to try something new, the cat eye manicure is a great option.

    The cat eye manicure consists of three simple steps: clean your nails, apply a base coat and then paint on your design. A cat eye manicure can be subtle or bold, depending on how you choose to apply the design. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a matte sky blue cat eye design.

  • Medium length square sky blue cat eye nail

    Medium length square sky blue cat eye nail
    While there are some skills required to create beautiful nail art, many people lacking artistic talent are able to do so using household supplies. Young people often find that having nice nails makes them more confident at social events and appointments with employers or teachers. so you can try it at home with the shades of blues magnetic polishes.

  • Simple navy blue nail

    Simple navy blue nail
    Navy blue is a popular color for nail polish because it works well with almost any skin tone or hair color. It’s also a versatile shade that can be paired with casual or formal attire. Many famous celebrities have been known to paint their nails in navy blue, including Lady Gaga and Pink.

    The former chose “American Horror Story: Hotel” as her base color while the latter opted for dark navy with hot pink accents on her fingers and toes. Some people prefer bolder shades of navy blue; others select more subdued hues so they don’t clash with their outfit choices. Regardless of your preference, you can achieve the look you desire by following some basic guidelines when painting your nails this hue.

  • royal blue nails with diamonds

    royal blue nails with diamonds
    The nail with royal blue is a popular color in many different styles. It is derived from natural sources and can also be created by a number of man-made techniques. The color has historical significance in many cultures and can be found in many national flags.

    A royal blue diamond is the most expensive type of diamond and is used to show nobility and faithfulness. In addition, a royal blue diamond is used to show affection and love for your country.

  • blue marble nails

  • blue swirl nails

You can get the tutorial on youtube: click here.

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